Is God calling you to sharpen your tools for vocational or bi-vocational ministry? Is He calling you to make a difference in your world? If so, then C3 Ministry Institute (C3MI) may be the place for you.

$200 off tuition if enrolled by 7/30

C3MI is a 12-month academic and internship program designed to equip and prepare individuals for ministry through the local church, full-time ministry, or simply to build a strong foundation for a Biblical worldview. Through quality Biblical and theological instruction, practical ministry training and mentorship, students will gain hands-on, practical experience and a Biblical foundation to do the work of the ministry.

One of the unique aspects of the academic program being offered through C3MI is that it is in cooperation with the Oral Roberts Bible Institute. The ORU Bible Institute, which is part of ORU’s School of Theology and Missions (one of the largest accredited seminaries in North America) supplies our curriculum. Join us this fall semester and learn how to minister in the love and power of the Holy Spirit through the anointed teaching of a Spirit-filled faculty.

Fall 2017 Curriculum
DBIB-120 | New Testament Survey | An examination of the New Testament and of the historical, social, economic, and religious background out of which Christianity arose. 3 credit hours.

DPRM-333 | Ministry and Leadership Development | A study of Biblical principles and methods of training believers for ministry and leadership in the church. Attention is given to spiritual growth, development and equipping needed for effective ministry and leadership. 3 credit hours

DTHE-230 | Christian Faith and Ministry | A cursory exploration of the biblical truths and teachings of the Christian church. Emphasis is placed on the charismatic interpretation of these truths, especially as expounded by Chancellor Oral Roberts. 3 credit hours

DPRM-320 | Ministry Practicum | The purpose of this ministry practicum is to provide the student with practical experience in ministerial responsibilities and in a broad

C3MI Class Audit Opportunities

For Crosspoint members (ages 18+) who want to participate in the Certificate Program but do not want to take courses for credit, we invite you to audit a class. Each class will cost $225, which includes books and study guides.

If you are interested in joining our fall semester, please complete the application below, or contact Cass at c3mi@thecrosspoint.com or by calling 314-892-5051. A one-time application fee of $25 is due prior to the start of the semester.

Please Select One:

DBIB-120 New Testament Survey
DPRM-333 Ministry and Leadership Development
DTHE-230 Christian Faith and Ministry