He Sure Is Young To Be Trying That

Shawn Craig | May 28, 2015

He Sure Is Young To Be Trying That

marjoe21Yes, youth idealism and immaturity have gotten many of us into deep weeds. I feel sorry for the people I tried to lead as a young minister. So many of them were gracious and patient in Christ-like ways. I’m grateful.

So before you write off a young leader, maybe give them a chance? They might surprise you….
George Washington as Major – age 20
Augustus Caesar led 3,000 troops into Rome – age 18
Joan of Arc marched into Les Tourelles – age 17
Alexander the Great, victor over the Persian Empire – age ~25
Ben Silbermann founded Pinterest – age 27
Drew Houston founded Dropbox – age 25
Adam D’Angelo was CTO of Facebook at age 23
Billy Graham, pastor of Gospel Tabernacle at age 25
Dwight Moody taught Bible Class for 650 people at age 23

Shawn Craig, Minister of Music, STL – age 20

Well…some of these turned out better than others. 🙂

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