Welcome to the Family

A 4-week course taught by the Pastoral and Ministerial Staff and is a prerequisite to becoming a member.

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New Believers

A 13-week course that will help you build a solid foundation for your walk with Christ.

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Healthy Marriage

A 10-week study using Love & Respect curriculum to help couples better relate and communicate with each other.

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Crown Financial

A 10-week in-depth study of what scripture teaches about handling money and possessions.

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Celebrate Recovery

A biblical & balanced program that helps us overcome our hurts, hang-ups, and habits.

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The Art of Parenting

An 8-session, video-based study designed to not only help parents find new ways to integrate faith into everyday parenting moments, but also to create an environment where moms and dads can shoulder burdens together, celebrate breakthroughs, and relate to one another’s day to day parenting journey.

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