Early Childhood Ministry

Early Childhood

We’re so glad to have the opportunity to partner with parents in making children disciples of our Savior! It is our desire to provide every child an opportunity to know Jesus Christ as his or her personal Savior. Our staff of dedicated volunteers will reinforce Biblical principles in creative environments suitable to each age group utilizing dynamic curriculum. Whether it’s craft time, snack time, or even play time, our teaching partners make use of every opportunity to edify your children.

Our classrooms for Early Childhood include:

  • Nursery (infants under one year)
  • Walkers
  • 2 year old class
  • 3 year old class
  • 4 year old / Pre-K class

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What age is considered Early Childhood?

A: Newborn through 5 years

Q: When is Early Childhood Ministry offered?

A: All three weekly services – Wednesday at 7pm, Sunday at 9am and 11am. Our classrooms will be open 15 minutes prior to each service.

Q: Where should I drop off my child if it is our first time at Crosspoint?

A: You can register your child online ahead of time and then come to the registration desk in the student wing of the church.  One of our volunteers will make sure you have a nametag, and then walk you to the appropriate Early Childhood room and introduce you to the leaders in that room.

Q: What is my child needs me during service?

A: Crosspoint uses a texting system to alert you in the event that your child needs you.  Please be sure we have an accurate phone number on file for you – you can update your information anytime here.

Additional Resources

Visit us on Instagram and Facebook – @CrosspointKidsEC

Our Early Childhood Ministry Staff

Hayley Slay

Director of Early Childhood Ministries

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