Encounter weekend is a weekend we often devote to encountering God’s presence and being a Spirit-empowered community.


DAY 1: AUGUST 26th (Worship Night @7pm)

The weekend begins Friday evening, August 26, at 7pm, with a NIGHT OF WORSHIP with Meredith Andrews. Meredith is a singer, songwriter, worship leader who has won two DOVE awards. You’ve heard her on JOYFM with songs like, “Not for a moment”, which we frequently sing, and “Open up the Heavens” with Vertical Church Band. Don’t miss this Night of Worship, August 26. No ticket required!

A SPECIAL INVITATION TO MUSICIANS AND WORSHIP LEADERS There will be a pre-concert training session with Meredith and her husband, Jacob, who is a skilled musician. We welcome any aspiring worship leader, musician or “just curious” lover of Jesus to the pre-concert sessions. You can register HERE

DAY 2: AUGUST 27th (Workshops with Terry Virgo @8:30am – noon)

Then, on Saturday, August 27 we will be holding breakout sessions on Life in the Spirit. I am thrilled that Terry Virgo will be joining us on Saturday for these breakout sessions! We’ve been trying two years for Terry to be with us but travel restrictions to and from the UK have prevented us. Terry Virgo is the founder of Newfrontiers, a worldwide family of churches together on a mission to establish the Kingdom of God by restoring the church, making disciples, training leaders and planting churches. Newfrontiers serves 1,500+ churches across 70 countries.

Day 3: AUGUST 28TH (Sunday Services with Guest, Terry Virgo at 9 and 11 am)

We will end our weekend with guest speaker, Terry Virgo, who will be speaking at both of our Sunday morning services!


Common Questions About the weekend:

Do I have to pay for anything? No the whole weekend is free!

Is there Childcare? Only on Saturday, for the breakout sessions.

Do I need to register for anything? If you want to join the worship workshop before the event or, want to register for childcare for the Saturday breakout session!

  • Worship Workshop registration – HERE
  • Saturday Childcare – HERE


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