Did you miss the breakout sessions? listen here:


Finding yourself in the great commission – pastor Alan Frow – listen

Learn from Jesus and the Disciples by looking at the differing Great Commissions in the four gospels from the different disciples. How did Jesus intend the Gospel to advance? What is your part and what is His?

Finding our courage in the holy spirit – Pastor Josiah Serra – listen

Some of us struggle with fear more than others, but we all deal with it. Learn how the Holy Spirit lessens our fears and gives us courage as witnesses.

What can one person do? – Pastor Steve Shorette – listen

We are not alone in the world. The Gospel enterprise is fully backed by heaven and so are you! It is God’s plan to follow your personal witness with signs and wonders in the marketplace.

leading children toward the gospel – rynelle frow – listen

As a pastor’s wife and a mother, Rynelle has lots of life experience to share in partnering with the Holy Spirit to influence your children toward following Christ.

real stories of gospel advance – Pastor Shawn craig – listen

It takes all kinds! Hear the stories from our own Crosspoint Family on how they have lived and proclaimed the Gospel. (Panel Discussion)

reaching generation z with the gospel – pastor tj anslinger – listen

What are the unique qualities of Generation Z and how can we reach them with the life-changing Gospel in a way that’s relevant to them?