The Crosspoint scholarship is intended to reward and assist Crosspoint students who are following Jesus for God’s Glory! We are giving away (up to ) 2 $2500 scholarships to qualifying Crosspoint students.

Who’s eligible – Crosspoint Students! More specifically, high-school seniors, college students, community college students, technical or vocational school students, ministry school students. (high school seniors to 23 years of age).


1. Read the guidelines in their entirety.

2. Your contact information is required to ensure correspondence during the award notification process.

3. Applications cannot be saved. Gather information you will need to completely fill out the application form:

  •  The name and address of the office or department the scholarship award check will be sent to at your institution.
  •  Prepare a brief 50-word paragraph describing your financial need situation, to be included in the application form. Financial need is not a pre-requisite to apply.

4. You may choose to prepare your essay questions before filling out the application. Text should not exceed 250 words and will be included in the application form.

5. Determine what steps need to be made to acquire your OFFICIAL transcript. See details below.

6. All applicants must have completed Welcome to the Family classes to be eligible for the Crosspoint Scholarship.



1. Scholarships are awarded in the fall of 2019.

2. Complete the online application form in its entirety here. Handwritten documents will not be accepted.

3. Upload your OFFICIAL high school/undergraduate transcript to the online application in the designated area. We must receive your official transcript by November 10. Please request your transcript in ample time to meet this deadline.

4. Confirm that your three references have submitted their letters of recommendation.



October 27th – Two weeks before the deadline – follow up with your recommenders to ensure they submit their forms on time.

November 10, 2019 – DEADLINE – All forms must be submitted by 11:59pm CDT. Any applications, transcripts and letters of recommendation submitted after November 10, 2019 will not be considered.



1. Three letters of recommendation are required. The letters should come directly from your reference and should be sent to Scholarship@thecrosspoint.com  Letters of recommendation sent from the applicant will not be accepted. Letters should not exceed 1 page. The letters should include name, email, title and phone number of the recommender. Handwritten documents will not be accepted.

2. One recommendation must be from leadership at Crosspoint. This individual should be able to provide information about the applicant’s Christ-like character as well as academic promise.

3. Provide your email address and major to the individuals providing your recommendations. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure all recommendations are submitted on time. No letters of recommendation will be accepted after November 10, 2019.

4. Recommendations from parents or relatives will not be accepted.



1. Finalists may be asked to interview with the Scholarship Committee.

2. Applicants can only receive one scholarship in a lifetime.



All applicants will be evaluated based on academic excellence, service to Christ, involvement with Crosspoint, service to their school and community, financial need, personal objectives and goals, future potential and recommendations.



1. Crosspoint scholarship funds may only be used towards tuition/books within 1 year of the scholarship being awarded. Exceptions may be granted in certain circumstances.

2. Checks will be made payable to and mailed to the recipient’s academic institution.

3. Up to (2) $2,500 Scholarships will be awarded per year.



1. Children of Pastors of Crosspoint Church are ineligible.

2. Children of Pastor’s Council and Staff Members of Crosspoint Church are ineligible.

3. High School Seniors through Graduate Students up to 23 years of age are eligible.

4. All applicants must have completed all Welcome to the Family classes.



1. 4 year Colleges/Universities

2. Community Colleges/Associate Degree Programs

3. Trade Schools

4. Vocational Schools

5. Ministry Schools (Including C3MI)

6. Other educational opportunities may be considered by the Scholarship Committee

***If you have any questions about this process, difficulties submitting your applications, recommendations or transcripts, please email Scholarship@thecrosspoint.com. Please include your name in the subject line for any inquiry.