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Crosspoint Church seeks ways to actively engage people within the local community to show and share the love of Jesus Christ. It is the church’s mission to love God and love people well. The Events Ministry exists to provide such a time and space to engage people on their level. Our events welcome people in for who they are to show Crosspoint is a safe, fun and loving place that welcomes all like a family. From our picnics to our monthly Family Dinners to our Fall Fests, our purpose for events is to not only have a good time but to love people well by providing community building with arm opening opportunities.

Andrew Kennedy

event coordinator

"As the event coordinator at Crosspoint Church, it is my joy in planning, leading, and serving in these events. My satisfaction is in how we love people and create a space for all to be welcomed and loved. The events that Crosspoint creates are thought through in the smallest of details from how this serves the mission of the Gospel, the Church, and our local community. Events are important because it’s a time that everyone is excited about attending – there’s good food, music, fun and friends to be enjoyed. To be able to stand and see attendees, from toddlers to grandparents, laughing, smiling, and building a community is a successful event on my calendar" - Andrew Kennedy

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Check out our upcoming events through our 'Crosspoint Church Calendar'. You can veiw and register for events through our calendar, along with subscribing to it, to help keep you in the loop for what's happening at our church!

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